Sunday, 17 February 2013

Download Free Thursday The 12th Java Game (320X240)

Gprs TweaksScreen Resolution: 320X240Tested Phones: E63 E71 E72 C3 00 Language: RUS, Size: 232 KB, Description: With hands full up of blood, Slayson starts looking for new enemies.Download

Download Free The Witcher Crimson Trail Java Game (320X240)

Gprs TweaksScreen Resolution: 320X240Tested Phones: S60v3 Language: EN, Size: 275 KB, Description: The Witcher: Crimson Trail is a fantasy role- playing game that throws players into a unique world rife with political intrigue, in which the lines between good and evil are blurred. Players take on the role of Geralt, a legendary monster slayer and master swordfighter with supernatural abilities and reflexes. With a wide range of spells and weapons at his disposal, Geralt must fight his way through hordes of creatures over 12 levels in order to prove himself worthy as a bearer of the title 'Witcher'.Download

Download Free Rise of Antares Java Game (320X240)

Gprs TweaksScreen Resolution: 320X240Tested Phones: S60 3ed Language: EN, Size: 124 KB, Description: Rise of Antares is a stepwise space strategy. You won regular elections with a minimum advantage of one trillion votes and became the President of one of the interstellar corporations controlling the galaxy. You start creating your own Empire of Power under the eyeballs of black holes and aloof roaming of nebulas. Great Antares could not for a long time recover from past defeats, but now all that have passed. First of all, we’re going to gradually raise science to the international level. At the same time our industry will become more attractive for investors from Cassiopeia. Then, during several years, we are going to secretly speed up the restoration of the famous Antarian Fleet – the terror of the seven star winds. And after that, the Star League bureaucrats will not even have the time to realize the Antarians’s mightiness! They will only have to give up and pray for mercy! Vote for the party of Sharp-toothed! Victory is for us! And let’s see whose foot in the clawed spacesuit is going to first step on the blue-eyed Orion's belt this time!Download

Download Free Pyramid Bloxx Classics Java Game (320X240)

Gprs TweaksScreen Resolution: 320X240Tested Phones: s60v3 Language: En Fr It De Es Pr, Size: 322 KB, Description: The ultimate puzzle game is back. Its time to enjoy the sequel to the original award-winning Tower Bloxx. Get immortality raising immense pyramids high up into the sky, my Pharaoh. Test your skills of intuition, timing and strategy.Download

Download Free Puzzle Quest 2 Java Game (320X240)

Gprs TweaksScreen Resolution: 320X240Tested Phones: E71 E61 E72 C3 00 E5 00 Language: EN FR IT DE ES PR, Size: 892 KB, Description: Escape to a fantasy world filled with addictive Match 3 gameplay and immersive role playing in the sequel to the award-winning Puzzle Quest! Customize your character with different spells and abilities as you gain experience and earn treasure! Hone your skills with fun and challenging minigames hidden throughout your quest. Are you brave enough to reclaim the once peaceful village of Verloren from the evil clutches of the demon Gorgon?Download

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